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DIY Felted Baby Yoda!!!!

OK guys! I am so excited for this DIY! 

I used to needle felt all the time but haven't done it in years but then this idea came to me as I was trying to fall asleep last Sunday haha. If you don't know what needle felting is, in a nutshell you take wool and stab it with special needles until you get your desired shape. Check out this youtube video if you have never heard of or seen felting before...actually everyone should just watch it so you understand the basics.

One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to felt is with cookie cutters. It helps your form the shape you want much faster and without having to eyeball it. For this DIY we are using an angel cookie cutter...might sound weird but just go with me here haha.

Here is a list of the other supplies we will need:

Angel cookie cutter. I found mine while thrifting but here is one at Walmart.

Green, tan, black & white wool.


Felting Needle or felting pen


Felting foam board


A sheet of red felt


Ok, so now that we have all the supplies place the cookie cutter on the foam board and let's get started!

Step 1: Filled the wing area of the cookie cutter with green wool (leave the angels head empty) Make sure to pull the wool fibers apart till its fluffy 

Once it is full, start stabbing haha.

Take your time, do not stab yourself!

The angel wings will be Baby Yoda's ears. I would start there.

You want to keep poking till the wool is pretty compact and can keep the shape on its own. 

Now you can start to shape Baby Yoda's head. Round off his chin area by stabbing the wool in an upward motion. Go side to side, stabbing more near the edges. 

Do the same to the top of his head until you form the desired shape.

Step 2: Once his head is done, fill the bottom part of the cookie cutter with the tan wool and start poking away! 

Have a little bit of tan wool over lap the green and poke, this way his head it attached to his body. 

When the wool is firm enough you can remove the cookie cutter.

Step 3: Add on to his robe with additional tan wool.

Overlap the wool so once you start poking the new tan wool will attach.

Keep poking and forming the wool until you get a shape you like. 

Poke in an upward direction in to his head to make sure his head and robe are secured. 

Step 4: Take some tan wool, loop it in half and lightly twist to make the collar to his robe.

Place it around his neck and start stabbing to attach it while holding it in place.

Once it is attached poke any loose fibers and shape to your liking. Make sure you poke in an upward direction in to his head to make a secure attachment.

Step 5: Take a small amount of black felt and roll it in to two little balls. These will be Baby Yoda's eyes. Place them where you think looks good and carefully start poking. Keep poking until it seems securely attached. Repeat for the second eye.

Take an even smaller amount of white wool and roll two tiny balls. These will be the light reflecting in his eyes. Place them on his eyes, DO NOT place them in the center of his eyes. DO place them on the same side of each eye. Once you like the placement VERY carefully start poking till secure.

Step 6: Start poking the inside of his ears. You can kind of poke in a triangle like shape. This will create depth.

Step 7: Time for his arms. Take some tan wool, loop it in half and lightly twirl it (like you did for the collar) and poke attach it where his shoulder would be. Once the arm is attached to the shoulder start poking the rest of the arm to attach it to the body. Don't over poke and make it completely flat, it should have some dimension to it. Repeat for second arm.

You can poke a little extra in between where the arm is resting on the body to create some depth.

Step 8: Cut a little heart out of the red felt. Place it where his hands would meet. Carefully start stabbing to attach it to his body. (Be careful, I stabbed my finger)

Step 9: Take some time to clean up edges or go over any spots that look messy. To do this just lightly  poke till you like the look of it.

Ok guys! Now you have an adorable Valentine's Baby Yoda! 

You could make him hold anything really. How cute would it be to attach a little velcro and make seasonal items for his to hold!?! I wish I thought of that sooner! 


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