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Easy peasy DIY baby Minnie ears/Nursery mouse ear gallery wall

When I was designing Harper's nursery I wanted to add a couple touches of Disney without it being a Disney themed room. One thing I really wanted was an ear wall! I love when I see people displaying their ear collection as a gallery wall and thought it would be so cute to make a baby version for Harper's room!
We were on a pretty tight budget for the nursery and after searching on Instagram and Etsy I just couldn't really find anything that was in our price range (I was wanting 12 pairs) or if I did find something affordable they weren't the colors I was looking for. I wasn't giving up this idea so I decided I would just make them myself! Now I am not an ear maker and have never even tried to make a pair, I wasn't looking for a challenge since at this point I was basically 9 months pregnant so off to Amazon I went! I found this pack of plain mouse ears for birthday parties for a great price and now the project could start.
Harper's nursery had a lot of felt and wool throughout so I wanted the bows to go along those lines, plus felt is a no sew fabric so BONUS! I got this felt at Michael's for .39 cents a sheet. Super affordable and you can make multiple bows per sheet! 
So now I have the ears and the felt, now all I needed to complete this project is scissors and a hot glue gun...guys this is so simple I'm not even sure it should be considered a DIY!
Here are the easy peasy steps:
1. Cut the felt in to a 3"x5" rectangle and cut a 3/4"x2" strip out of the same color felt 
2. Accordion fold the felt
3. Glue in between the folds to secure
4. Wrap the strip around the center of the bow and glue in to place
5. Trim any excess felt
6. Glue bow to the center of the ear headband
Guys, how easy was that!?!
Basically this was a felt bow DIY haha.

But since we have extra felt I thought it would be fun to make some extra bow and make this adorable garland and hair clip! 
For the hair clip, just use any kind of hair clip or barrette. I'm using an alligator clip. Then just hot glue (use high temp glue) the clip to the bow! Guys seriously these are so easy it really isn't a DIY haha. 
 For the garland, just make the bows the same way and them glue to some twine and back with some scrap felt!
Honestly the possibilities are endless! Let me know if you make any of these or use the few bows in a different way! Happy crafting! 



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