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Fall in New England- Rhode Island

There is just something so magical and romantic about fall! The colorful leaves, the crisp air, the smell of apples and pumpkin everything! I want it all! And since we live in New England, which is known for autumn I thought it would be fun to visit each New England state and do all the fall things! First up...Rhode Island!

Now when I think of Rhode Island, I think of all the summer weekends I spent going to the beach. I don't think I had ever gone there during any other season. I asked all my Rhode Island followers for suggestions on what fall things there are to do in the Ocean State. The top two recommendations were Jawell's Farm, which is in Smithfield. And Roger Williams Park Zoo & Carousel Village, in Providence. One awesome thing about Rhode Island is that its so small you can really do a lot in a day. So we planned on doing both of these since they were about 20 minutes away from each other BUT both were closed! Super fail. It seems like their hours maybe be changing again soon so I would definitely call before planning you trip, DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE! The Pumpkin Spectacular at Roger Williams seriously looks so amazing! We plan on going back soon so stay tuned for that! 


After that little set back I was determined to still have an awesome day, and any awesome day starts with coffee! One of our favorite things to do when we travel is find local coffee shops! We found the cutest, beachiest, super chill coffee shop called West Shore Coffee Bar, in Warwick. The coffee was so good! I got an iced s'mores latte with oat milk and Josh got an iced caramel/coconut latte with almond milk. I honestly think you can't go wrong with any of their lattes. SO GOOD! We also got breakfast sandwiches...I highly recommend The Surfin’ Pig, YUM!

My dad lived in RI for a while and is literally there ever weekend so I asked him of some cool places by the water nearby and he recommended Rocky Point State Park, also in Warwick about 5 minutes from the coffee shop. So with our coffee and breakfast in hand, we headed to the ocean! 

We ate breakfast by the water which was so lovely! What is it about the ocean breeze that just gives you life, I love it! 

Rocky Point was very interesting! It used to be an amusement park! There were still parts of the old structures standing and had plaques with pictures and a little history. 

After we left Rocky Point, it was Harper's nap time so we had to drive around while she slept. We stopped at Del's for some frozen lemonade! Now if you are going to visit Rhode Island, Del's is a must! Before any of you Rhode Islanders come at me from the straws you see in the pictures, Josh and I have since learned that the proper way to enjoy Del's frozen lemonade is to squeeze and shake the cup, haha! Josh was wondering why he had to ask for straws and why the employee was acting like it was the weirdest request lol.  Sorry guys, it won’t happened again haha!

Ok, now it's time for a little fall fun! After driving to Jaswell's Farm and realizing it was closed, we ended up going to a little farm stand, Pleasant View Orchards. Harper ran around searching for the perfect pumpkin, like literally looked at all the different kind of pumpkins until she found the right one, haha! Then Josh and I grabbed some yummy local treats including cider and caramel apples, said treats were consumed before being photographed, ooops. It wasn't the autumn festivities we had planned but it was enough to feel like fall had really started. 

We headed to Westerly, which is where I would spend my summers as a child. On the way we made a detour to one of our favorite spots in RI, The Fantastic Umbrella Factory. I don't know how to explain what the Umbrella Factory is haha, but it's awesome! There are little shops and a really yummy restaurant, free range chickens running around, emus, beautiful gardens and a bamboo forest! It's free to just walk around and enjoys the animals and the bamboo forest so it's a perfect little add on to your trip. 

The bamboo forest alone is worth the stop. It is so beautiful! And when the wind blows through, the sound is just so peaceful. There are little huts made from the fallen bamboo, which Harper loved. It's just a really cool experience!

We wanted to end the day back by the water, I mean hello, it is the Ocean State. For dinner we went to the Windjammer Surf Bar, which I grew up going to! We sat outside right by the water, guys it was perfect! The wave were huge, like the biggest I had ever seen at Misquamicut (the beach the Windjammer is at). It was so fun to eat dinner and watch the surfers! Harper was in awe, her face when she saw the surfer ride the waves was so cute! She kept going "Ooo! Wow!" haha! Also the food there is really good! We share fried clam strips and Harper got fish & chips (on their kid's menu it's called minnow & chips, which is just adorable). The fried clams were very good, the fish and chip were AMAZING. 

For everything we had planned being closed we ended up having the perfect Rhode Island day! Not as much fall fun as we had hoped but any day that begins and ends by the ocean is a good day! 




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