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How to bring new life to a thrifted piece part 1.

Sometimes you will find a piece that you love but it looks dingy, its not the color want, you need a specific color for a Disneybound or in my case I wanted to match with Harper. Whatever the reason dying a thirfted piece is the easiest way to make it new again! 

I thrifted my skirt year ago but I recently stained it so it being white was no longer going to work. Then I found this dress for Harper at a Goodwill, but I accidentally washed it with a brand new red shirt and now it has a weird pink hue to it. Time for a little make over!

We are going to start with basic dying for Part 1 of this series. This method will work on whites or any light color fabric. I will be doing a few more dying DIYs that cover how to strip color, tie dye and a couple other techniques. But for now let's keep it easy peasy!

(I am dying cotton and rayon. The technique I am doing in this post will work on cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool and nylon.)


So here is what you will need:

Something to dye the clothing in, I like to use a 17 gallon tub but you can use your sink or bath tub too.

The color dye of your choice. Walmart has the best price, especially in person but  here is a link to the dye I like to use.  CHECK THE TAG in your piece to make sure you purchase the correct dye. 

1 cup of salt

1 teaspoon of dish soap

And the pieces you want to dye

Now let’s get started!

First you are going to wash the pieces to make sure there aren't any stains or residue. Do not put them in the dryer, you want them to be wet.

Fill the tub with very hot water, I never measure the water but I always do just enough water for the fabric to but covered. 

I never measure the dye either, but for clothing I always use the whole bottle. Obviously I love saturated colors so if you want a lighter color just use less dye. 

Add the dye, salt and dish soap. Stir, stir, stir!

Now add your piece(s). Make sure they aren't folded. 

Make sure they are completely immersed and stir pretty consistently for 30 minutes. Like seriously put something on to watch because this part is the worst! But depending on what color you want it might be less time. Always watch and check how the fabric is taking the dye. And remember that the color will look darker because the fabric is wet.

Since I was dying two pieces that were two different fabrics I had watch to see how they were taking the color. Harper's dress was cotton and was taking the color much quicker so I removed it from the dye bath pretty quickly. I rinsed it with cold water till it ran basically clear and then threw it in the washer with on old towel on a warn/cold wash setting. And then continued to stir my skirt in the dye bath for 30 minutes.

Once my skirt was the color I wanted I removed it from the dye bath and repeated what I did with Harper's dress. I air dried both but that is just personal preference, just follow the direction on the tag of the garment.

I had plans to do a cute photo shoot of Harper and I for this blog post but between making sure she napped and getting ready for church (which with a baby takes 500 times longer) it didn’t happen so here is a cruddy screen shot from my Instagram stories haha.  

Anyways, that's it! Now you have a whole new piece! I highly recommend this for Disneybounds! 


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