Introducing #hbThriftyThursdays

I am so excited to start this series! Thrifting has been a passion of mine since basically forever! I grew up going to our local Salvation Army. I remember how exciting it was to hunt for some cool toy! My favorite childhood find was a Funshine Care Bear plush! Anyways, my love for thrifting just grew the older I got and by the time I was in high school it was a weekly activity.

Whenever Josh and I travel one of our favorite things to do is check out the thrift stores! It's so fun to see what different states have to offer and an inexpensive way to grab a souvenir.

Thrifting is such a fun way to curate a unique wardrobe too! Not that its not fun to get the latest fashion but it's nice to get creative and know that you won't see 10 other people with the same outfit. Josh especially dislikes seeing someone where the same shirt as him so thrifting is a go to for his tees. As for me, I only wear skirts and dresses at around knee length, which aren't always the easiest to find in traditional stores. Plus I love to dress with a touch a vintage so thrifting for my clothes is just a no brainer!

And we can't not mention all the fun Disney items! We have found some of our favorite magical treasures while thrifting! From clothing, to toys, to housewares! It's one thing to go to the parks or to the Disney store and get an item but it's a whole other level of awesome to find a unique Disney piece after a day of hunting! 

Ok, enough about why we love to thrift! Let's move on to how we thrift...

My first tip is go with a mission or at least a theme. Second hand stores can be overwhelming and if you go without anything in mind you will either get stressed out and leave empty handed or get too excited and leave with way too much.

My second tip is give yourself time. The hunt is part of the fun and you want to give yourself enough time to dig through the junk to find those treasures!

For this trip our goal was to find some Disney goodies and Rock the Dots outfits for Harper & I.  And to make it even more fun we had a little competition going to see who could find the best Disney find of the day! We went to 3 different thrift stores, Goodwill, Savers and Salvation Army. 

At Goodwill we found a lot of Disney. Honestly it's not very hard to find Disney. I mean they basically own everything these days haha. Josh started in the bric-a-brac section and found a bunch of Disney vhs and some toys. He also found a couple sweet Disney tees! I started in the clothing section and found a brand new Mickey tee and a vintage Pooh sweater. We passed on the vhs and a couple tees but I was not leaving that Mickey tee and sweater behind! Josh also grabbed a whale tshirt, did I mention he doesn't like wearing the same shirts as everyone else? Haha.

I found a few cute polka dot pieces in the women's section but they were either too small or too big. Normally if I absolutely love a piece and its too big I will still get it and have it tailored. So I guess that is my third tip...see the potential of a piece. Anyways, I didn't love the red dress enough to get it tailored. And the baby clothes section was a dud. So the hunt continued!

Next we went to Savers. I went straight for the bric-a-brac this time and Josh went for the toys! This is where both Josh and I found what we thought were our best Disney finds of the day! 

This Savers has SO MANY Disney plush! And speaking of second hand is my fourth tip. After you get your new (to you) plush home put it in a plastic bag and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Tie the bag up and put it in the freezer for 24- 48 hours. Then take the plush out of the bag and throw it in the wash. Good as new!  

I found so many cute baby clothes here as well but in my opinion they were a little pricey. Tune back in this Saturday for how I get baby clothes for $0.10-$1 a piece! And it was at this Savers I found this sweater I plan on wearing for Rock the Dots! Now that I have the sweater I know exactly what my outfit is going to be! Hopefully I find something on Saturday for Harper!

Our last stop of the day was Salvation Army. I normally find some really great stuff at this location but this time was a bust and we left empty handed. And that is my final tip for the day...go thrifting with low expectations. If you go thinking you are going to find something amazing every time you will get burnt out and it will lose it's fun.


 Here is our haul for the day! I'd say it was a success! 

So now on to the contest!

We each picked what we thought were our best Disney finds of the day to go head to head and you guys voted! Here are the results...

 Waffle iron for the win!!! Which was my pick! I will be honest, I would have voted for Josh's cool is that Arlo!? AND although the waffle maker won by a landslide the votes for Arlo were full of passion! Thank you guys so much for participating in this! Can't wait for next Thursday! 


  • Love this! I recently have entered the world or thrifting. I mostly used thrift stores for soy Halloween costumes for my boys. But I see the value for everyday pieces too. Your tips are great! Can’t wait to try them out.

  • Savers used to be my favorite thrift store but I feel like it has gotten pricey for some items. But I still only buy books there! Arlo is my favorite (we almost named our 5 month old Arlo) but I had to vote for the waffle iron because they are so expensive and usually in poor condition when you find them. That was a great find even if it wasn’t Disney!

  • I just want to say that I had so much fun on #hbthriftythursday.


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