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Tips and Tricks to Mommy & Me outfits

I have been coordinating with Harper since the day she came home form the hospital! Even on days when we don't do anything or take a picture, we are most likely still matching haha! One question I get all the time is about where I get all of mine and Harper's coordinating outfits and how I put them together. So I am going to share a couple easy tips & tricks to help you shop for you and your littles!

1. Ok, the first tip is super simple but...don't spend a lot! I mean that is my motto for clothing in general but for real, kids grow so quickly. 2nd hand is always best! Plus it is the best way to have a lot of choices without breaking the bank. If you have ever seen my Once Upon a Child hauls you know I usually spend $0.45-$5.00 per piece. 

2. This one is really the foundation of a Mommy & Me wardrobe...solids! Having a good selection of solid color pieces for both yourself and your little is key, and will make putting together coordinating outfit so much easier!

3. Coordinating not matchy matchy! For one thing trying to find super matchy matchy outifts would be almost impossible or expensive. Either way no thank you! Coordinating your outfits are easier to put together but look like you put alot of effort in to them, win win! For instance, if I was wearing a yellow dress I would have to find Harper a yellow dress in the same shade of yellow which would be frustrating. Plus (and I love yellow) but that's A LOT of yellow haha, or any one would almost be visually boring. So instead I could wear a yellow dress with teal shoes and Harper could wear a teal dress with yellow shoes. The yellows and the teals don't have to be the same exact shade either so it's so much easier! The rule is you can go 2 shades lighter or 2 shades darker.

4. Ok, so now that we have established coordination over matchy matchy let's talk about prints and patterns. I love prints and patterns, they make a outfit interesting and fun. I think the key to working these in to Mommy and Me outfits is focusing more on colors and shades then worry about the prints being identical. For one thing that would be almost impossible and expensive. And mixing prints is so cute! So for example, in the picture above, I focused more on coordinating colors and tones v.s. matching prints. Not every color have to be exact, I usually pull 2 colors from a print to coordinate with, in this case coral and school bus yellow. You have to keep shade in mind when mixing prints, if Harper was wearing lemon yellow it wouldn't have worked. Just remember you can go 2 shades lighter or 2 shades darker. Would it have been cute for us both to be wearing that pear print? Sure, but also maybe a little boring. Mixing prints gives the eye more to look at, its just more fun!  

I'm not saying to never match your prints because that is cute too! Just don't get hung up on it. And my biggest tip for going matchy matchy with prints is stick with black and white! Its classic, bold and then you don't have to worry about matching shades of colors. 

4. Accessories and shoes! It's the little details that complete any outfit, especially Mommy & Me outfits. Wearing the same color headband can tie the whole look together! One easy way to do this is buy a multi-color pack of hair bows or headbands for your little and then find an accessory you like (for me its headbands/bandannas) and start collecting them in different colors. I am not an expert on how to match with boys yet but they same principles apply. 

But again not everything has to be to so matchy matchy. For intense, if we are both wearing Vans, even if they are different colors, that detail can help the coordinated outfits look complete. 

Next week I will show you how to organize you and your little's wardrobes to make picking out Mommy & Me outfits easy and fast!




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